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eBay June 2022 Round-Up

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

First up for sale was a personalised 2009/11 shirt. I would have put this one down to be a hard sell with the random name on the back but the seller managed to sell the shirt for £20. I suppose you can always take the name off or go radical and change your name by deed poll!

Next up was this 1993/94 home shirt in a size large that sold for £67 which I think is a good price for this shirt.

A slightly creased up version of the 2008 anniversary shirt in an extra large. The seller listed the shirt for £39 but accepted a best offer instead.

This 1991/92 shirt is quite a common site on eBay and this

particular shirt went for £169.99 hotly followed by another one that

went for £179.99

A charity auction this time for a 10 piece bundle of training wear, hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, shorts and socks. These all sold for £86

These shirts were sold via Twitter last year to raise money for Keech. Dubbed the 'scribble shirts' they didn't quite turn out as people expected but it was all for a good cause so I think most people let it go. This was only a small and sold for £17

A 2014/15 squad signed shirt apparently signed at the Cheltenham game that season. This shirt complete with sleeve patches sold for £64

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