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Play-Off Shirts Used (So Far...)

Updated: Apr 9


Luton's first play-off came in the 1996/97 season when we played Crewe Alexandra home and away.

1995/97 home shirt

Luton played both games in the home shirt of that season.


2009/10 would be the next season that Luton found themselves in the play-offs, this time against York City.

2009/11 away shirt
2009/11 home shirt


The following season in 2010/11 Luton played Wrexham in the semi finals and wore the same shirts as the season before for the home and away legs.

2009/11 away shirt
2009/11 home shirt

Having beaten Wrexham, Luton got to the final and played against Wimbledon at the Eithad Stadium in Manchester. Luton would debut the next season's home shirt, a throwback to the orange shirts of the 1970's

2011/13 home shirt

Embroidered match details


2011/12 Luton played Wrexham home and away in the semi-finals. In the home game, Luton wore the 2011/13 home shirt in the home leg and the 2011/12 white away shirt.

2011/13 home shirt
2011/12 away shirt

The final saw Luton play against York City at Wembley. Luton wore the white away shirt with special match embroidered details.

2011/12 away shirt

Embroidered match details


Luton was away in the first leg against Blackpool and wore the white 2016/17 away shirt and the orange home shirt for the home leg.

2016/17 away shirt
2016/18 home shirt


Luton was drawn at home to Huddersfield in the first leg of the semi-final and wore the orange home shirt with new mid-season sponsor Utilita on the front of the shirt. This would also be the shirt worn for the away game too.

2021/22 home shirt

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