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Premier League Font Changes

A few weeks back, the Premier League introduced the new kit font for the 2023-24 season and beyond. Avery Dennison, the official supplier of the Premier League font, has now made images available that compare the new and old Premier League shirt typefaces.

This redesign marks only the fourth in the history of the Premier League and, upon comparison, it is evident that it represents an evolution rather than a revolution. The new Premier League font for the 23-24 season has been enlarged by 18% and features a more contemporary style.

Its primary goal is to enhance legibility for spectators both in stadiums and at home, while also incorporating the Premier League brand more seamlessly. By increasing the height of the numbers by 2cm (20mm) from 23cm (230mm) to 25cm (250mm), the new font ensures heightened visibility and impact, both on and off the pitch.

In addition to the new font is the discreet tonal pattern incorporated within the numbers, resembling a lightning bolt design. From the launch photos, it appears that clubs will have the flexibility to choose from white, black, red, yellow, or navy printing for their kits. Similar to the previous font, the namesets will continue to be either straight or curved, depending on the length of the player's name.

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