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Hattters Heritage Collection

I was lucky enough to be loaned the match worn shirts on this page by Hatters Heritage for the purpose of photographing them to form a more complete pictorial football shirt history. I think you will agree the shirts are absolutely fantastic and I am pretty sure each shirt will make you remember at least one player, game or football memory (if you're old enough!).

For more information about Hatters Heritage, click here 

1969/70 Home

1969_70 home front.png
1969_70 home back.png
1969_70 home front.png
1969_70 home back.png

1970/72 Home

1970_72 home front.png
1970_72 home back.png

1970/72 Goalkeeper

1973/74 Home

1975/76 Away

1976/79 Home

1980/81 Home

1980/81 Away

1981/82 Home

1981/82 Away

1990/91 Home

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