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eBay July 2022 Round-Up

This 1995/96 away shirt size large in excellent condition sold for £155 and had a starting price of £30. These shirts have really shot up in value.

A 1993/94 home shirt was listed for £99.99 and the seller accepted a best offer.

This one surprised me a bit, although it was only a youth size this 1991/2 shirt was listed for £40 buy it now, it didn't sell straight away and the seller took a best offer to end the auction.

A long sleeved 2009/10 shirt was initially listed for £40 but the seller accepted a best offer. Look at the size of those orange cuffs!

A rarely seen 1984/87 shirt hit eBay at the beginning of July. Listed with a pit to pit measurement of 18 inches making this shirt smaller than a small.

With a starting price of £50, the shirt finally ended up selling for £400.74!

This 2001/02 away shirt in long sleeves was listed as retro and sold for £31

A jacket that screams 1990's with the pattern and design sold for £140. The photo is a mirrored image as the badge and Umbro logos are on the wrong sides.

A 1989 away shirt was listed and went on to sell for £127. Not a bad price for this shirt, I've seen them go for a lot more.

A real bargain this one, the medium 1991/92 shirt went on to sell for just £51. I'd be disappointed if I was the seller.

Having said I would be disappointed with £51 this one didn't fair much better and sold for £60. There are a lot of these shirts about, maybe that is driving the prices down.

Another one? Yes another one, but this time this one is matchworn and carries the number 7 on the back. This one faired well for the seller as the shirt sold for £314

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