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Auction Round Up - November 2020

The word 'retro' in a listing can mean many things, in this case it means a modern remake. A copy of the 1982 away shirt sold for £103 and the home version sold for £69.99. Later in the month another away version sold for £46

A rare Luton shirt bundle x9 was up for grabs with a high starting price but did sell for £350.09 which works out about £38 a shirt. A quick way to increase your collection but a big outlay to do it.

A 2009 commemorative Johnston Paint trophy shirt complete with arm patches sold for £20.50

Size doesn't matter after all! A large boys 1989/90 orange Bedford shirt sold for £129.99. A boys 1988 home shirt sold for £46 and small adults 1990 home Umbro shirt fetched £142.

Sold as a match worn a 1999/2000 away shirt fetched £39.99. I believe the shirt is a squad shirt so used for training/reserves rather than used in any league or cup matches. The reason for this is there are no arm patches or sponsor on the shirt.

Another shirt listed as match worn was a Jean-Louis Valois away shirt which sold for £81.67, this does feature all the trimmings of a match worn shirt.

Again listed as match worn with a vague description was a 1992/94 home shirt that was worn by the reserves and sponsored by Luton Hire Centre. The seller accepted a best offer having listed it for £129.00.

A Dean Crowe match worn shirt eventually sold for £62 having been listed for seemingly ever!

A 2019/20 home signed shirt in a frame sold for £97.02 raising money for Keech Hospice. Keech also had another signed shirt unframed which sold for £67.01.

A rare goalkeeper shirt was listed and eventually sold for £77. The barcode away shirt without a sponsor sold as a buy it now for £99.99

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